Lambre Zen Intensive Contour Eye Cream, 15 ml

Rs. 1,850

WHAT IS IT: It is an intensive smoothing eye cream that deeply moisturises the dry, papery skin in the under-eye area. It nourishes and relaxes, providing comfort to the delicate skin around the eyes. It has skin smoothing properties that make the skin firm in the area and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. It improves hydration levels in the area, reducing under eye puffiness and dark circles. It stimulates natural production of collagen, which is why the skin looks visibly younger, more tight, firm and radiant.

WHY YOU SHOULD USE IT: If you are plagued by wrinkly, dark under eye area, then this product is for you. If you often suffer puffiness in the undereye area, then use this to firm up the area. It helps to strengthen the skin around your eyes, which is thin and has delicate blood vessels and capillaries that get easily ruptured leading to dark circles. So, this product not only diminishes fine lines and deep wrinkles, but also supports the skin structure. It is fragrance-free to ensure least possibility of allergic reaction.


Red Rice Stem Cells: It helps to regenerate skin cells in the dermis and prevent skin damage by neutralizing the free radicals. It protects skin from environmental pollutants and oxidative stress.

Lotus Flower Water: Rich in vitamins C and B Complex, it strengthens the skin structure and protects the skin from impurities. It prevents UV damage and signs of aging. It improves blood circulation in the skin and skin metabolism. Enhances skin texture and appearance.

Tsubaki Oil: Japanese camellia seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids like linoleic acid, squalene, and minerals. It stimulates collagen production and delays skin’s natural aging process. Nourishes and moisturises skin.

Eyeliss: A peptide complex consisting of 3 active derivatives namely hesperidin, dipeptide and lipopeptide. It helps to reduce capillary permeability, enhance lymphatic circulation, make the skin firmer and more flexible, and reduce inflammatory conditions. This complex improves micro-circulation which diminishes puffy eyes and dark circles. 

Betaine: Extracted from sugar-beet, it regulates the water balance in the skin. Keeps skin hydrated by penetrating into the deeper layer of the epidermis. Protects skin from redness and irritation, and adds suppleness to skin. 

HOW TO USE: Take two drops of the cream in your ring finger and tap it on to the under eye area. Then gently massage the cream in an anti-clockwise direction going from the inner corner on your eyes to the outer corner and the upper lid. It should be used twice a day along with other skin moisturising products.



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