Lambre Ultra Hyaluronic Line Exclusive Face Serum Wrinkle Filler, 15 ml

Rs. 1,490

WHAT IS IT: A soothing serum to repair and protect your dry, dehydrated aging skin. It has the skin reviving Signal-10 that that delivers smallest hyaluronic acid molecules to the skin for better assimilation. It maintains the internal hydration of the skin cells and improves collagen and elastin synthesis for improved texture. It also restores firmness and elasticity to your skin and diminishes fine lines. It gives your skin a smooth, silky texture. It can be used under makeup for a radiant, smooth look. 

WHY YOU SHOULD USE THIS: If your skin needs intense hydration use this serum. It helps to restore and rejuvenate your dry, aging skin. It nourishes and delivers hyaluronic acid for deep moisturisation. It maintains skin’s optimal hydration and protects your skin against moisture loss. It also reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It evens out your complexion and restores youthful suppleness to the skin. The serum restores skin radiance, freshness and youthful appearance and adds luminosity to your make-up. 


Signal-10: A fast-acting moisturiser based on hyaluronic acid that activates skin renewal process and improves skin metabolism. It ensures better hydration, better protein and elastin synthesis in the skin for smooth, supple texture. 

Lanol 99: An emollient that gives skin a silky finish. It visibly irons out fine lines and and improves its appearance. It provides thin protective layer to the skin that protects it from damaging environmental pollutants.​ 

HOW TO USE: Take a drop or two of the serum on your fingers. Warm the product by rubbing your fingers together. Pat it gently on your skin – starting at the cheeks, chin and then the forehead and around your eyes and the neck. Lightly massage your skin to allow the product to soak in.



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