Lambre Ultra Hyaluronic Line Eye Cream Wrinkle Filler, 15 ml

Rs. 1,550

WHAT IS IT: It is a smoothing eye cream designed to care for the delicate eye area. It has skin reviving Signal-10 that delivers smallest hyaluronic acid molecules to the skin for better assimilation. It maintains the internal hydration of the skin cells and improves collagen and elastin synthesis for improved texture. The cream also contains has phytosqualan with antioxidant properties that improves skin softness and elasticity, and rebuilds the protective lipid mantle. Tegosoft in the cream helps to moisturize the area and diminish the appearance of wrinkles. 

WHY YOU SHOULD USE THIS: If you are plagued by dull, tired looking eye area with wrinkles and fine lines then using this eye cream will help you. It helps to restore and repair skin damage and improve its appearance. It actively moisturises the area and reduces wrinkles, papery skin and pigmentation. It helps to improve the texture and gives it a healthy glow. 


Signal-10: A fast-acting moisturiser based on hyaluronic acid that activates skin renewal process and improves skin metabolism. It ensures better hydration, better protein and elastin synthesis in the skin for smooth, supple texture. 

Hyaluronic Filling Spheres: Hyaluronic acid, a polysaccharide that delivers deep hydration to skin cells. The innovative structure of this active allows it to penetrate deep into the skin which adds moisture and fills up the wrinkles. 

Tsubaki Oil: Japanese camellia seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids like linoleic acid, squalene, and minerals. It stimulates collagen production and delays skin’s natural aging process. Nourishes and moisturises skin. 

Phytosqualane: A plant-based natural active that protects skin’s lipid balance and prevents moisture loss. It keeps the skin hydrated and improves its texture. Skin feels smooth and soft to the touch, and fine lines are minimised. 

Tegosoft: An emollient derived from vegetable oil that moisturises delicate skin without weighing it down and forms a protective lipid barrier to reduce dryness. 

HOW TO USE: Take two drops of the cream in your ring finger and tap it on to the under eye area. Then gently massage the cream in an anti-clockwise direction going from the inner corner on your eyes to the outer corner and the upper lid. Should be used twice a day.




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