Lambre TTO Line Gel For Acne Prone Skin, 120 ml

Rs. 990

WHAT IS IT: A cleansing gel that effectively removes dirt, grime and excess sebum to enhance oily, acne-prone skin. The gel regulates sebaceous glands reducing seborrhea and keeping acne lesions in check. It contains pure tea tree oil, chamomile extract, purple coneflower extract and oleic acid compound that nourish skin and prevent inflammation and heal scars. It has anti-bacterial properties that keep bacterial infections in check. The essential fatty acids help to repair damaged skin. Skin becomes matte, velvety smooth. 

WHY YOU SHOULD USE IT: It perfectly washes and cleanses skin, removing from its surface natural impurities, and also getting rid of the excess of sebum in the pores. Helps to keep acne and blackheads in check. It restores skin’s natural lipid balance. It revives your natural complexion, minimising redness giving it a radiant appearance.


Tea Tree Oil: Extracted from Australian Tea Tree, it has antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral properties. It helps to heal wounds, burns and minor skin damages faster. ​It balances skin’s natural oil, and keeps acne in check. 

Chamomile Extract: It contains the active bisabolol that has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect​on skin. It helps in wound healing by stimulating tissue regeneration and renewal of epidermis. Helps to nourish skin. 

Purple Coneflower Extract:  It has antibiotic properties, cleanses wounds and protects from skin infections. It regulates bacterial flora of the skin​and soothes inflammation. It activates cell regeneration process, restores skin health. It supports sensitive skin. 

AC.NET: It is a compound made from two skin-healing essential fatty acids. It has Oleic Acid that keeps the natural sebum balance of your skin. Supports the skin structure. The second acid is Nordihydroguaiaretic acid (NDGA) that regulates cellular growth and prevents redness and roughness on skin. Reduces acne and bacterial infections.


Take a small amount of gel in your palm and apply all over your face, neck and neckline. Massage gently in circular motion for a minute or two. Then rinse thoroughly with water.​



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