Lambre Supreme Primer Make-Up Base Mat & Smooth, 30 ml

Rs. 795

WHAT IS IT: A skin brightening and smoothing pre-makeup primer. It has a unique cream-gel formula that has sweat and sebum absorbing micro-particles. This ensures that your skin looks smooth and matte through the day. The foundation goes on smoother and stays on longer when applied on top of this primer. It has light-reflecting particles that give your skin a flawless glow. Contains no fragrance, dyes and parabens. Suitable for all skin types. 

WHAT IT DOES: It prepares the skin by moisturising it while filling in the wrinkles and creases in your skin to give you a smooth, radiant skin. It also hides blemishes and skin imperfections and gives your skin a natural finish. It gives your skin a silky, smooth feel. Helps to keep makeup in place and gives your colour cosmetics a more vibrant finish.

HOW TO USE: Cleanse your face and moisturise it. Then take few drops of the primer and dot all over your face and jaw area. Use your fingers to gently dab the product into the skin. Allow for it settle on the skin before putting on your foundation.



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