Coconut & Tropical Fruit AMBER GEL PEELING 150ml - Peeling and Body Wash Gel – 2 in 1!

Rs. 1,700

Provides a radiant appearance of skin and to support the fight against cellulite without much effort and pain!

Amber Gel Peeling is a 2 in 1 formula - peeling and body wash gel

Reduces the risk of cellulite creation
Prevents the creation of stretch marks caused by dehydration, unnecessary amount of subcutaneous fat or sudden decrease of the skin elasticity and firmness
Acceleration of natural peeling of the dead cells od epidermis
Removes mechanical impurities of skin
A method of oxygenating skin
Stimulation of the microcirculation and fat burning processions
Deeply cleanses the skin and prepares it to react properly to the anticellulite butter

Amber Extract
Exfo Amber
Anticellulite complex
Natural jojoba green beads
Cranberry phytpeel

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