Lambre Silver Star Glitter Mist Perfume, 8 ml

Rs. 990



Top Note: Jasmine, rose, strawberry, chocolate

Heart Note: Citrus fruits, bergamot, coconut, patchouli

Base Note: Sandalwood, white musk, caramel, vanilla

FRAGRANCE STORY: It unique scent with sparkling particle to up your party look. The scent bewitches with the smell of jasmine, rose and strawberry, resting close to a bitter sweet presence of chocolate. Citrus and bergamot combined with the soft notes of coconut and patchouli gradually blend into the cashmere tones of sandalwood, white musk, caramel and vanilla. A unique and unusual combination of notes which cool the senses with a soft sweetness.

WHEN TO WEAR IT: It is classic and elegant, but also modern and free. The diversity in the fragrance symbolizes the changing and versatile nature of women. The glitter in fragrance adds glamour to your look. 

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