Lambre Porcelain Skin Face Cream Advanced Whitening, 50ml

Rs. 2,495

WHAT IS IT: An intensive skin-lightening treatment cream that helps to control excess melanin production to give you an even-toned, bright, radiant complexion. It is effective in reducing blemishes scars, age spots and freckles. Rich formula of the cream is based on biologically active ingredients Luminescine, SkinMoon and vitamin E. It ensures bright complexion by smoothing out patchy skin tone and stopping excessive pigmentation process. The cream has an anti-wrinkle effect and soothes irritations. It contains SPF 15​ that protects skin from UV damage. After using the cream, skin is nourished, and the redness and irritation is reduced.

WHY YOU SHOULD USE IT: If you are worried about your patchy complexion, blemishes and brown spots, then this treatment cream is for you. The unique formulation ensures that your blemishes are reduced considerably. It reduces hyperpigmentation and freckles ​- evens out the skin tone. If you have sensitive, red, irritated skin then this product helps to soothe the inflammation. It stimulates collagen production to diminish wrinkles and restores the youthful glow to the skin​


Luminescine: A compound formulated from the Mediterranean yellow flowers (Great Mullen or Vebascum Thapsus) found in Europe, North Africa and Asia. It has photoluminescence quality that reflects light from the skin, giving it a dewy glow.

SkinMoon: It is combination of four extracts from Capparis Spinosa, olive leaves, red oranges and rice grains. It helps to control excess melanin production and support the skin renewal process so that your complexion looks light and radiant.

Vitamin E: It is also called the ‘vitamin of youth’. It supports the collagen structure of the skin and delays skin aging process. It also moisturises the skin and keeps the skin protected. It improves skin texture and appearance.

HOW TO USE: Cleanse your face thoroughly. Pump out two drops of the cream and dot it all over your face and décolletage, avoiding eye area. Massage it in with your fingers, going from the centre of your face to the outer corner, and in upward motion from the neck area to the jawline. Finish off by patting your skin lightly.



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