Lambre Classic Permanent Eyeliner In Brown

Rs. 450

SHADE: Brown

WHAT IS IT: An eyeliner with deep saturated colour. It has a special pigment that gives you intense colour finish. With firm felt brush tip that allows you to draw precise line across the lid to get the eye look you desire. It is long lasting with deep pigment durability.

WHAT IT DOES: Gives you a smooth line in one stroke. Does not crack or smudge. This one is perfect for getting that smoky eye of cat's eye look. It can be used to draw both thick and thin lines. 

HOW TO USE: Clean and prime your eye area. Then start drawing from the centre of your upper eyelid close to the lash line going to the outer corner and extending diagonally. Fill in from the inner corner to the centre. Give a finishing to the look by drawing over the whole line once more. To get the smoky eye look, use an eye shadow brush to gently smudge the line on you upper lid.



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