Lambre Women Numeric Collection No 5 Eau De Parfum, 50 ml

Rs. 2,400



Top notes: green apple, papaya flowers, black currant, peach

Heart notes: jasmine, water hyacinth, white lily, orris root

Base notes: sandal, cedar, vanilla

FRAGRANCE STORY: The captivating scent of this perfume is a combination of invigorating morning freshness and passion of warm summer nights. A fresh, dynamic, cool fragrance, emerging from the combination of the fruity, citrus and green notes with water hyacinth shades, jasmine and arum lily. It opens with the cheerful notes of green apple, juicy peach, fragrant black currant and exotic papaya flowers. This slowly moves to the heart of scent with shades of white lily, jasmine, hyacinth and violet root. The fragrance finally settles with sensual echoes of sandal, vanilla and noble cedar.

WHEN TO WEAR IT: A lightweight perfume that's perfect for a active day outdoors. It engulfs you in bright energising aroma that is charming and brings out the fun side of hour character. 



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