Lambre Classic Long Mascara – Lash Lengthening and Curling

Rs. 675

WHAT IS IT: It is a lash lengthening and curling mascara. It has concentrated pigment and fibres that give each of your lashes precision coverage and help to improve lash condition. It has beeswax that helps to keep the lashes moisturised and prevent breakage. The mascara wand was designed in such a way so as to cover all lashes with just one application and lengthen them perfectly.

WHAT IT DOES: It instantly adds length and curl to your short, straight lashes. The mascara, with nutrient rich ingredients, helps to nourish your lashes making them soft and silky. It gives the effect of an eyelash curler - curls up your lashes and gives them the luscious look. Your lashes will be long, seductively curled up, intensely black and perfectly separated.

HOW TO USE: Mascara is your last step in eye makeup. Take some mascara in the wand; wipe off excess in a tissue. Start applying from the base of your lashes to the tip. Move the wand in a zigzag fashion while applying to ensure complete coverage.  



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