Lambre Compact Blush # 07 Sunny Bronze

Rs. 1,100


WHAT IS IT: A compact blush with velvety texture and natural satin finish. The light reflecting pigment in the blush gives the face a refreshing glow. The blush can be built upon for color intensity to match you desired makeup look. It comes packed in a classic, gold case.

WHAT IT DOES: This blush gives your skin a natural looking healthy glow. The subtle range of shade matches every skin tone. Can be used to contour your face and define the shape of your face.

HOW TO USE: Use a blush brush and lightly swirl over the color to take it on. Apply on the apple of your cheeks with a light hand to get a natural glow. For a more structured look use the darker shade of the blush with a contour brush below your cheek bones, jawline and the sides of your nose and forehead to shape and contour your face.

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