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WHAT IS IT: A moisturizing and softening hand cream enriched with multi-vitamins and biotin. It keeps the skin soft and helps to ward off dryness and itchiness. The vitamins A, F and E help to repair damaged skin, restore skin cellular structure and maintain the moisture mantle of the skin. It also helps to strengthen your nail. It reduces signs of aging and prevents early wrinkling of hands due to aging and dryness.

WHY YOU SHOULD USE IT: It is an ideal product to keep your hands soft and moisturised at all times. Use this cream after washing your hand or after using a detergent. Make this cream a part of your regular at-home manicure ritual as this helps to keep nails and nail bed strong. It prevents hangnails and nail breakage. Use this cream if you wear nail polish on a regular basis, as this prevents yellowing and brittleness of nails.


Vitamin A: Also called retinol has strong antioxidant effects. It stimulates the production of collagen improving the appearance of the skin. It balances skin’s natural sebum production and exfoliates dead skin layer.

Vitamin E: Called the "Vitamin of youth", vitamin E or Tocopherol Acetate is a powerful antioxidant and essential nutrient that neutralizes the harmful effect of the free radicals. It repairs skin to reduce signs of aging and dryness. Also strengthens skin’s lipid layer to protect against the negative effects of UV radiation.

Vitamin F: Restores the lipid layer of the skin, accelerates regeneration, prevents and relieves skin irritations. It reduces and inhibits inflammation and regulates metabolic processes of the skin, improves blood circulation in the skin.

D Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5): A powerful essential nutrient that moisturizes, softens and improves skin elasticity. It protects skin lipid barrier, relieves irritation, soothes and calms sensitive skin.

Niacinamide – It is a water-soluble vitamin that penetrates easily into the skin and keeps it hydrated and nourished. It stimulates collagen synthesis and increases the production of ceramides that sustain the lipid barrier of the skin. It effectively reduces the loss of water which results in improved skin hydration and flexibility. It also lightens hyperpigmentation and age spots and prevents the formation of new ones.

Biotin: Also called "Vitamin of beauty", as it supports skin metabolism, and strengthens the structure from inside. It stimulates oxygenation of skin cells and improves skin vitality.

 HOW TO USE: Take a small quantity of cream in your finger and then massage it all over your hands and between the fingers. For at-home manicure, soak your hands in warm soapy water for a few minutes, clean your nails and nail bed with a brush and run a pumice stone gently over your hand to slough off dead skin cells. Wash your hand with warm water. Then take a generous quantity of the cream in your palms and start massaging it in by rubbing your hands and fingers. Massage your nails and nail bed. Allow the cream to get soaked into the skin.



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