Lambre Mascara Royal Lashes

Rs. 1,275


WHAT IS IT: A thickening and lengthening Mascara that gives your lashes a 3D effect with depth. Royal Lash Mascara has microfibers that give even the sparsest of lashes a thick, lush look. The conical shaped, dense bristles of the mascara wand puts the product precisely on your lashes. The bristles are made from soft material and not silicone to avoid irritation. The mascara is enriched with biotin that helps in lash growth. The rich black of the mascara is from special mineral-based pigment and microfibers help to add volume and length to the lashes.

WHAT IT DOES: Gives your lashes mega volume and thickness without clumping the lashes. Its lightweight texture ensures you can layer your lashes without weighing them down. The safe formulation ensures that your lashes are nourished and conditioned properly. It delivers intense black pigment so that your eyes get beautiful depth.

HOW TO USE: Mascara is your last step in eye makeup. Take some mascara in the wand; wipe off excess in a tissue. Start applying from the base of your lashes to the tip. Move the wand in a zig zag fashion while applying to ensure complete coverage.  


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