Beauty is hidden in the scent, glance and touch. We all deserve true beauty that is enhanced by true emotions. At Lambre, these emotions– love, desire, self-confidence, joy and many others form the main ingredients of our products.
We believe that celebrating beauty and caring for one’s self gives timeless sense to life. At Lambre, This is the path we take, every action of ours reflects this vision. Today over one million people from 30 countries echoes these emotions and trusts Lambre.
Our VISION is to reach a Million women by 2024 from whom Lambre is a part of their Lifestyle - both as Customers and Entrepreneurs
Our Mission is to reach the world with high quality the go to Skin Care brand – one person at a time. Our confidence on our products helped us choose the most ‘personal form of business’ – Direct sales. Lambre products are tried, tested and proven first-hand by our users who in-turn becomes our endorsers. Our products are referred and recommended by consumers who experienced unmatched quality helping us have an ever-growing customer network.
Lambre business is founded on the principles of honesty, openness, and commitment. Our consultants are at the center of everything we do and every step we take is a promise to their betterment.