Lambre Magic Long Eyelash Magic Serum, 4ml

Rs. 1,920

WHAT IS IT: A lash lengthening and volumising serum with 12 potent actives that bring a visible change to your lashes with regular use. The serum, formulated with biotin and silk proteins, speeds up natural growth of lashes. The active ingredients go through to the roots of lashes and work on them from inside, which makes them stronger from the base. Your lashes become long and firm. The product also prevents the lashes from falling out, so that they appear lush and voluminous.

 *Results are visible after 15 days of continuous use. Works on all types of lashes, but the end result depends on the usage patter, and the effect of the actives on individual’s reaction to it.

WHY YOU SHOULD USE IT: If you are plagued by sparse thin lashes, or your lashes are falling out due to natural aging process, then this lash-growth serum is for you. Results are visible after using the product for 6 months. Once your lash gets to the required volume you should not stop using the product – just reduce the usage.


Bimatoprost: An exclusive eye care product that stimulates the lash roots and promotes growth.

Biotin: H vitamin, from the B vitamin group, has hair fibre strengthening properties. It prevents lashes from breaking up. ​

Silk Protein: Secreted by silk worms, silk protein boost cellular structure and have strong moisturising and protective properties. It helps to moisturise lashes, make them smoother and protect against damage. ​

Complex of A, E, F, P & B6 vitamins: A root and lash fortifying complex that penetrates the hair fibre to strengthen the lash structure making lashes stronger, more flexible and shiny. ​

HOW TO USE: Clear away all eye makeup before using this product. Use the precise brush that comes with the serum to apply the product on your upper lash line. You need to use very little, and put the serum a close to the lash roots as possible. Use this product at night. After using the product for 6 months on a daily basis, reduce the usage by apply the product 3 to 4 times a week.

CAUTION: Avoid putting the product on your lower lash line, and prevent it from getting into your eyes. If it gets into your eyes then wash with plenty of water. Do not use the product if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients, breast feeding, or have any chronic eye condition. Stop using the serum if irritation, itchiness or redness occurs. 



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