Why You Should Add Serums to Your Skin Care Routine

Now a days when you hear the chatter of right skin care routine, face serum is one product that comes up often. It has become a key part of daily skin care especially if one is trying to tackle certain skin issues. A face serum is now a recommended product and has to be used as part of your moisturization step. So, here’s a low down on what is a face serum actually.


A serum is …

Well, it is a product to boost your skin’s hydration levels and delivers benefits of natural actives. Serum is a lightweight moisturiser that is loaded with higher concentration of skin-replenishing active ingredients. A serum is effective in taking care of major skin issues because it has smaller molecules that can penetrate the epidermis or the upper layer of the skin very easily and deliver the goodness of the key ingredients to the skin. The texture of the face serum is lighter and thinner than a moisturizer. It gives your skin a soft, supple, velvety texture. Since it is lightweight, the product can be layered upon without making the skin feel weighed down. Serums can come is different formulas and consistency depending on the actives in the product – so it can be a gel, oil or lightly creamy.


A serum helps to…


Since they are highly potent, serums are more effective in improving skin condition. When you want to manage specific skin issue and see faster visible results, using a serum before applying a moisturiser works best. It helps to deliver the actives deeper into the skin supporting in repair and rejuvenation of the skin. In fact, a serum can help to target specific skin concerns like uneven complexion, fine lines, dryness etc.

When you are looking to brighten your complexion and revive dull skin, pick a serum with hyaluronic acid or vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to fight skin damage caused by free radicals while hyaluronic acid support skin’s collagen structure giving the skin a plump, smooth texture. Want to get rid of dark spots and patchy complexion? then pick a product with fruit acids that have gentle exfoliating action. To fight acne, pick a serum with salicylic acid. If you smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, then you need a serum that boosts the hydration levels in the skin and strengthens elastin in the skin. Hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, D-panthenol and fruit extracts all help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and have a plumping effect on skin.


Applying a face serum…


Cleanse and tone your face. Then it is time to apply the serum. Pump out one to two drops of the serum on to your fingertips. Warm the product by rubbing your fingers together. Dot the serum all over your cleansed face and neck. Pat it gently on your skin – starting at the cheeks, chin and then the forehead and around your eyes. Smooth it on your skin with fingers. Dab and press it into your skin. Lightly massage your skin to allow the product to soak in. Do this for a minute to allow the serum to get soaked into the skin.

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