How to Get Perfect Smokey Eyes and Nude Lips Look

The smoky eyes and nude lips look are a classic.You can never go wrong with it. It works on just about everyone, and it is a very easy makeup to pull off. That’s why we see so many of our fashionistas and celebs wearing this look on the red carpet. This look is so versatile that you can wear it with your little black dress or your favourite saree. You can even wear a toned-down version to your office party or add some intensity to the eyes for the date night. It works no matter what your skin tone, face structure or eye-shape is.


Here’s how you can get the look in few easy steps:


Step 1: Prime your face& eyes:

Prep your skin by cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your skin. Put on some eye gel around your eyes to tone the area. Then smooth on a primer hide fine lines and brighten tired skin. Your makeup will stay on longer and look fresh. Apply foundation on your primed face. Pick a variant that gives you a velvety matte and sheer finish.


Step 2: Create the brown smoke

Pick an eyeshadow palette with shades like beige, gold, brown, chocolate, black, and bronze. Start by applying the lightest beige on the inner corners of your eye and on the highest point on the arch of your eyebrow. Apply the chocolate brown all over the lid. Now apply the darkest brown on the crease, the upper and lower lash line using an angular brush; dab some black on the outer corners along the crease line. Finally, blend it all with an eye shadow blender brush till you get a diffused effect and there are no sharp edges.


Step 3: Frame your eyes

Apply a waterproof liquid eyeliner along your lash line. Pick a rich black liner. Line your lower lashes with a thick line of kohl or a dark chocolate liner. Using the blender brush blend the kohl with gentle strokes to create a soft line.


Step 4: Coats of mascara

Groom your brows. Apply two coats of volumising mascara to open up your eyes and add that oomph factor.


Step 5: Finishing touch

Now pout and highlight your cheekbones with a coral or nude blush. Sweep some flesh toned, earthy pink or nude lip colour on your lips. You can go for glossy nude lips or matte pink lips to complement your eyes.

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