Here’s How Olive Oil Helps Your Skin

It’s no secret that men and women in the Mediterranean region have soft glowing skin and lush shiny hair. Some of it is obviously their genetic makeup, but a lot of the credit goes to olive oil, which is an essential part of their cuisine. They just have it in all its avatars.

Olive oil, which is mainly the fat extracted from the olive fruit by pressing, is rich in phenols. According to many research papers phenols are the most potent antioxidant that helps in protecting our skin and hair. Olive oil also has oleic acid, linoleic acid and palmitic acid, and is rich in flavonoids and secoiridoids, which give olive oil its anti-inflammatory properties.

Olive oil as a moisturizer

We already know that olive oil is a rich source of fatty acids which is essential for improving our skin and hair structure. Linoleic acid and oleic acid in olive oil forms protective barrier over skin and prevents moisture loss. This helps to keep skin soft and smooth to the touch.

Olive oil protects skin from sun damage

So whether you are eating it as part of your diet or applying products based on this golden oil, it  is very beneficial for your body. According to The Oxford Journal’s Carcinogenesis Integrative Cancer Research, topical application of olive oil on skin protects it from the cancer causing effects of the UV rays. Extra virgin olive oil actually reduces the inflammation caused by sun exposure by forming a protective layer on the areas applied.

Olive oil prevents premature aging of skin

When you use a product infused with olive oil, the antioxidant properties protect skin from damage caused by the free radicals. Free radicals cause dryness, patchiness, age spots and fine lines on the skin. Using olive-oil or oil-based products actually benefit you.

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