7 Tips to Restore Dull Lifeless Skin

Is it that often you rue the lack of radiance in your skin? Does it look lifeless and tired? Changing climate, exposure to pollution, lifestyle stress and your natural aging process can affect your skin adversely. Pollution and sun exposure can cause toxin build-up in your skin which can impact skin’s collagen structure. Stress and natural aging process slow down the cellular turnover. So you notice more dullness, and patchy skin because the layer of dead skin cells. Worry not.

Follow these 7 steps to get glowing skin instantly:

Top tip # 1: Switch to an exfoliating cleanser with AHA as it helps remove grime and dead skin layer. A face wash with apple cider vinegar can help restore your skin’s radiance.

Top tip # 2: Use a face scrub twice a week to help remove layer of dead skin and improve the skin renewal process. Look for scrubs with natural exfoliating active.

Top tip # 3: Help sustain your skin from the inside. Your skin needs regular dose of essential fatty acids and lots of water. Use a sheet mask to give your skin an instant lift. 

Top tip # 4: Avoid using very hot water to wash your face and body. Use lukewarm water for cleansing. Splash your face with cold water as a last rinse to minimize pores and improve circulation. It makes the skin appear bright.

Top tip # 5: Use a face serum before applying your regular moisturizer. Apply some on your damp skin. Serums help deliver the skin-brightening actives more effectively into the skin. Allow your skin to absorb it all.

Top tip #6: Use a skin-brightening moisturizer on your skin. During the daytime, do not forget to apply sunscreen with minimum of SPF 30 to avoid photo-damage of your skin. It also helps to prevent patchy skin tone.

Top tip #7: Invest in a good night cream to supplement your skin brightening regime. Look for brightening actives like liquorice, saffron, fruit-derived phytonutrients in your cream. Also pick a creamier version of the night cream so that your skin looks hydrated, smooth and supple.

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