5 Signs of healthy skin

5 Signs of healthy skin

Who doesn’t love soft, supple, glowing skin? But, our lifestyle choices, habits, health issues can really impact the way skin looks or feels. That ‘lit from within’ radiance depends on how you treat your skin. It’s not just your cream or potion, but your food, healthy lifestyle, happiness quotient, all go into giving you that bright, beautiful skin. 

When you look into the mirror, you want to see radiant face smiling back at you. You want to see supple, healthy skin? Just check for these healthy skin signs:

#1: Even skin tone: Your skin should have consistent colour no matter what tone your complexion is. The evenness of skin is what makes you look attractive, whether you are fair, dusky or dark. Little shadows are natural to Indian skin tone because of our warm yellow or red undertone. But for it to look beautiful the colour graduation has to be seamless, blending with the rest of your skin colour. 

#2: Well hydrated: High levels of moisture in your skin is important for skin to be healthy. You know skin has enough moisture, when it feels supple to the touch. Test the levels of moisture by pressing the skin, if it bounces back as you release, you know your skin is well hydrated. 

#3: Smooth texture: Healthy skin looks smooth and feels smooth. So if you look close up into the mirror you should notice a uniform layout of your pores, which should be small, and tight, and feel even to the touch. Closed pores also mean that your skin is safe from comedones and acne etc. It is natural for the skin cells slough off. Normally this should not be very visible. In a healthy skin, this natural exfoliation happens without being too noticeable, or apparent.

#4: Normal sensations: When your skin is healthy, you should not feel any irregular sensations like pulling, burning or itching. Healthy skin always feels comfortable and smooth without any greasiness or dryness. 

# 5: Reflects light: Healthy skin is neither too dry nor too oily. The pores are neither too big nor too tightly closed. Healthy pores secrete enough skin oils that help to keep skin soft and reflect light that gives you a healthy glow. 

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