4 Tips to Beautiful Eyes

Tired eyes with dark circles and crow’s feet can make you look older than your actual age. A little care for your under eye area and your lashes can go a long way in keeping your looks youthful.

Here’s what you need to do to keep your eye fresh and beautiful

#1: Remove makeup and dirt from the eye area and let the skin on your lids breath. Use Lambre Pearl Milk to remove makeup and cleanse the eye area thoroughly.

#2: Soothe and hydrate the under eye area. Use Lambre BioNanoCellulose Eye Mask to diminish under eye bags, dark circles, and fine lines and soothe irritations.

#3: Protect your eyes with an eye cream. Apply Lambre DNA Shot Line Eye Cream twice a day around the eye area to moisturise and repair the skin.

#4: Love your lashes with lash growth serum. Use Lambre Magic Long Eyelash Active Serum on your upper lash line every night to help the lashes grow and frame your eyes.

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